Supported Living Program Overview

The Supported Living Program helps adults with physical and developmental disabilities live more independently in their own homes and apartments throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. The program provides Case Managers who help consumers manage their affairs and their Personal Care Attendants (PCAs). Options is an approved provider to serve consumers referred by MRC, DDS, ABI, MFP. 

In order to be eligible for the Supported Living Program, an individual must have:

  1. A severe physical disability as well as a sensory, cognitive, or emotional limitation
  2. Have a mobility impairment which results in the need for adaptive equipment
  3. Be unable to live independently without supported living services
  4. Be able to benefit from supported living services
  5. Be at least 18 years old or be determined eligible by MRC for the Turning 22 program.

Philosophy: The Tempus Unlimited Supported Living Program is committed to the philosophy of consumer empowerment and control. We support each consumer’s right to make his or her own decisions and support individuals in taking greater control over their own lives.

Case Coordinators: Following approval from a state agency, a Case Coordinator will meet regularly with each individual to help coordinate services and other affairs. The type of help provided by Case Coordinators are based on the consumer’s individual needs and wishes. These services include help with:

  • Finding appropriate housing
  • Hiring and managing PCA’s
  • Paying bills and budgeting
  • Providing transportation to consumer directed social or recreational events
  • Arranging medical care or therapies.

Because MassHealth does not allow consumers to receive their PCA services from the same agency that provides their Supported Living service, Case Coordinators can help consumers apply for PCA services from a different provider of their choice. Our experienced Case Coordinators understand the application process well and will ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible for the consumer.

Service area: Servicing Boston area to Cape Cod


ABI/MFP Participant Handbook 2017

Supported Living Program Brochure

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